Monday, March 30, 2009


JSH: Could they be aliens?

Hmmm…people who are so hostile to mathematical knowledge that for years they worked like mad demons to hide every major mathematical result of mine, even managing to destroy a mathematical journal in the process, and NOW they seem certain they can hide a result that shows that the famous Pell's Equation can be more easily solved for prime D by using alternate equations including the famous negative Pell's Equation.

That's just strange.

So are they even people?

I know, sounds crazy, but how much do we really know about our reality? Why couldn't aliens infiltrate to try and make sure that a species like ours never advances its mathematics beyond a certain point?

After all, how could human beings behave in this way?

Aliens may be more exciting, but I think the sad answer is, they are human and it's class war. Or as it's usually described, racism.

There is a comfort for some people in believing they are members of a superior race, and part of that belief that I've often heard is claiming the races are equal in intelligence is just political correctness, as notice, they'll say, no major discoverers (supposedly) from certain races.

I am a major discoverer.

I upset the applecart, blowing away a racist line of argument.

I think that explanation is simpler than aliens. But, of course, we can study these people later and see, um, if they're actually people.

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