Saturday, March 14, 2009


JSH: Closing moments on first part of saga

The battle over the solution to the factoring problem is drawing to a close as I finally have the full algorithm and correct method, but I find it interesting that certain posters who have warred for so long against my research are still fighting the fight.

But the war is over on the example of D=15, where I see one attempt already at moving to obscure the result, which I answered.

The math wars have been about the very future of humanity.

Some would send us down a dark path based on a sense of the futility of life, and a belief that the weak must always be dominated by the strong.

Their attempt at a neo-feudal reality was defeated recently in the United States with the end of the "reign" of George W. Bush.

There darkest efforts, however, have been an attempt to arrest the development of the entire human race.

By keeping science and technology at a controllable level, they sought to place themselves as a permanent aristocracy which would rule over the human race.

Their defeat is having repercussions around our world, but for those of you who missed the war or its deeper implications, just remember, your future depended on the efforts of so many people you will never fully know, as the parasitic clan that sought to enslave our world didn't understand that if they succeeded, the human race would have gone extinct, soon thereafter.

The rules of this reality are more complicated than their primitive intellects allowed.

Our species must progress, or die.

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