Monday, February 02, 2009


JSH: What have you been looking for?

As I take the world down the path I've been trying to avoid for years I am really curious about what would have mattered say for readers of this group to believe that there was a massive error in number theory, or that I had fairly simple mathematical research that indicated big things in multiple areas from the Riemann Hypothesis, to, yes the factoring problem.

My guess is nothing but validation from the mathematical establishment, while some of you may claim a demonstration factorization would have done it (you're lying, it'd take too long to explain why I believe that is true).

I consider the situation to have been a Catch-22: I couldn't prove to any of you a problem with the very establishment you wanted to tell you of any problem.

Is that assessment correct?

Control is now out of your hands, but information is still of interest to me. As I make your life change, I want to give you one more opportunity to explain to me why it is necessary for this path.

Was there anything else I could have done?

The clock is ticking. Unless my analysis is very wrong, the world as you know it will be gone in less than 24 hours.

Here is a chance to chat until that change, whether you believe it or not. By the time you know it's true, you will understand that I had an impossible decision to make, where a decision had to be made, so I made one.

[A reply to someone who wondered if James was in an alcoholic death spiral.]

Hey, try to imagine you're in my shoes. Assume just for the sake of argument that you are an amateur at mathematics despite a B.Sc. in physics, but you come across some major mathematical problem—and find that math people rip on you rather than acknowledge it.

You even get a result published—but the freaking journal dies.

With easy results using basic algebra you prove your case without any reasonable doubt left, but the experts in the field do not do what they're supposed to do.

You even go back to your people—physics people.

And cannot get anywhere there either.

This thread is an opportunity for the sci.physics newsgroup to say what would work.

My guess is, nothing other than mathematicians telling you that the research is correct.

That is the Catch-22 as they are in error, so they will not.

If that is the answer, then fine. It's the one I have concluded is the correct one already.

If you disagree, give another way.

You have less than 24 hours to answer in this thread. Before the world changes.

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