Monday, February 02, 2009


JSH: Using Usenet

The point of posting what looks to me like a very simple solution to the factoring problem on Usenet is not to convince the newsgroups of anything. It's to project the result around the world in a way that presumably cannot be blocked.

The reason for that is that everything has been REALLY WEIRD where I can prove major things and have nothing happen, and I have past experience with journals where nothing happened and one of them even freaking died when I did get something briefly published.

I also know that number theorists have this massive error in their field which I can prove easily enough and I can't get anything going there either.

But that means mathematicians are massively leveraged against my research being correct.

The careers of some fairly important people around the world could be shattered by a simple solution to the factoring problem, where these are mathematicians in extremely powerful positions.

Best thing then is to project the information worldwide first, and then either let someone else break the news, or come back later and do it myself, ending the possibility say, of some organization like the NSA simply locking me up away, hiding this result, along with my other research, so that mathematicians can keep up the lies.

The result I've posted is trivially a simple solution to the factoring problem.

None of you really need to do anything though, as if that is correct, I can assure you that it will be known, oh, in about 24 hours.

There may be serious network disruptions around the world, so you can prepare for that worst case.

The Internet as you've known it is about to change. I didn't want to do it this way.

But given the bizarre things that have happened up until now, I see no there way.

Once stability is restored governments can fully investigate how mathematicians around the world did whatever they did as I'm not sure now either what has been going on.

Then, of course, they can be questioned under oath.

The answers will be revealed. The consequence though is the end of the Internet as you have known it.

I apologize to the people of the world for any serious disruptions or inconvenience.

I saw no other way.

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