Monday, February 09, 2009


JSH: Situation beyond weird

So I figure out how to connect Pell's Equation to factoring in a direct solution. Explain it all with simple algebra, and unbelievably posters still come out of the woodwork to lie about it. Unbelievable. Nothing sacred.

So, ok, why not implement and prove with a monster factorization?

And tell who? Oh, I know, US Government people who will send me where? Oh I know, the NSA.

And what is the NSA?—one of the world's largest collections of mathematicians.

Besides I can prove mathematically that it's a direct solution to the factoring problem. Prove that it is about the calculus and calculating minima, and what good has that been?

I often wonder what goes through your heads. How any of you can still put up the energy to do what you call mathematics, and ignore even the most basic mathematical proofs that I present.


Or, maybe you are all in on the scam. Maybe when you start college as undergrads your professors pull you aside and make sure you understand that it's all fake that you don't believe in mathematical proof and that as long as you play ball you can live comfortably on the stupidity of the world.

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