Friday, February 20, 2009


JSH: Remarkably odd

Do any of you realize that I actually do have a remarkably simple proof of a method that solves the factoring problem through use of Pell's Equation? Or do you all believe posters who post with claims it does not work?

I'm curious.

One question I've often wondered is, are you people serious or are you playing some weird games?

Here I can step rather succinctly through one of the most beautiful mathematical proofs in human history which happens to solve the factoring problem.

I've argued about it a bit and watched in amazement as posters have made false statements about the argument, or ignored key pieces, and I find it remarkably odd.

Is ANYONE aware of the proof itself or its outlines? Any of you have a clue how the proof goes? I've talked about it quite a bit now, and it is on my math blog if you want to go read it again.

Anyone know it? Or are you all clueless for real? Or all lying in a remarkable group effort, as if it matters.

There is no stopping the Hammer. It cannot be stopped.

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