Saturday, February 28, 2009


JSH: Mystery increases

I was actually very surprised at the arguments that ensued over my solution to the factoring problem.

It is a very simple argument with a rather basic proof, so why were posters so diligent in throwing up distractions around it, or in making false statements?

After all, it is the factoring problem.

Crucial to me was getting help and it looks like one poster has stepped up in a huge way, but remarkably posters who have argued with me are acting almost as if that thread is invisible.

I have YEARS of having had major mathematical discoveries and learned a long time ago that proof wasn't enough to convince people in the mathematical community, but I didn't realize just how bad it truly is.

Mathematical proof has not only routinely been denied, people have behaved as if it would always be, and even now with the factoring problem itself solved they have continued.

What is the explanation for this behavior?

How are any of you justifying doing these things? I mean, you pretend to be interested in mathematics. But you show behavior that indicates almost a complete contempt for it, what gives?

The mystery is well beyond the bizarre. Like you people destroyed a mathematical journal. You've ignored incredible and dramatic proofs.

And now with the factoring problem solved the entire Internet will be affected, but some of you STILL continue with the same behavior?

Do any of you actually believe in mathematical proof?

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