Monday, February 09, 2009


JSH: Long process

Wow, seems no one can shoot down this approach of using Pell's Equation to factor, and I'll admit that when I first came up with it, I posted in certain ways just in case. You never know, you know?

But now that it looks like it's a viable path for basic research and nothing is happening in the world with my research as usual—I'm so ignored—the process takes over, which is rather long.

I may write another paper, and may submit to a journal. I'll think about what ways this approach might fail and meditate on the implications as well as just how freaking cool it is. Months can easily go by, as I ponder it and other things as I'm about to move on.

And if need be I'll post looking for people shooting holes in it and nothing else.

In case you've all missed prior postings where I talk about what I do: newsgroups are for brainstorming. Or entertainment.

I'm only interested in people finding out error. So I antagonize people because if you don't like me, you're better at finding things that are wrong. Sorry but that's reality. When people are all chummy they are much worse at finding mistakes, but when it's angry, people jump on them.

So where does that leave things with the social issues of factoring?

Well, I've often worried about the impact of finding a solution to the factoring problem on the rest of the world, but, um, I think this approach is my SECOND solution to it, and mostly the world just ignores all of it, so those fears are unfounded.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

People can believe all kind of things and can miss things just because they refuse to see them.

I have what I think is my second solution to the factoring problem which is just simpler than my first. After my first I found a general TSP algorithm, so I proved P=NP, and then I was playing around with discrete stuff and stumbled on this Pell's Equation thing.

Now, most of you don't believe any of that which oddly enough seems to mean you cannot see it, which is something that used to bug me, but increasingly I don't care.

You live in your simple world of primitive mathematics that is woefully too complicated as well as often horribly wrong, and I'll live in the real one.

I know P=NP. I have the solution to TSP and understand why it works. I have two solutions to the factoring problem to add to my proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, my prime counting function, and my proof of the spherical packing problem among other major discoveries.

The more I pile on the discoveries the crazier you all get in denial, which I have to admit is starting to just seem freaking cool, as in weird as hell.

But I didn't make this world. I just live in it.

Maybe there is something about the human brain in groups when trained in modern mathematical teachings which breaks something. Or maybe not. Even my understanding of reality may be far more primitive than even I like to admit.

You people know nothing about reality and what's possible. But, I fear, I may only know a little bit more.

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