Wednesday, February 04, 2009


JSH: Frustrating situation

Solving the factoring problem has long been the last thing I wanted to do. Almost every time I'd buy something online I'd tell myself, why mess this up? And ask myself if there wasn't another way.

Now the factoring problem IS solved (again) and watching the reaction of the newsgroups and the continued lack of proper reaction by the cryptological and mathematical communities, I realize it was, unfortunately necessary.

We could still have days to go while the bizarre and stupid denial continues. Which begs for explanation.

So why'd you do it? Why did so many of you lie about so many mathematical discoveries for so many years, and ignore warnings that if necessary I'd solve the factoring problem and now act like I didn't when I did (for the second time)?

My analysis: women

My analysis is that for many of you your egos are wrapped up in your supposed discoveries and accomplishments as mathematicians, and my research takes that away from you, so to keep from looking into the eyes of your wives or girlfriends, and seeing the disappointment or worse, you just lied, and lied, and have kept lying.

I guess it's evolutionary, but so weird to have $5 trillion U.S. plus wiped from the world economy because some dudes didn't want to disappoint their women.

Such is life.

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