Wednesday, February 18, 2009


JSH: Denial does not change the equations

Here is where the story once again becomes sad. I like to think that deep down most of you are decent people.

However, I have years now with denial from people like you who are supposed to act when there are important research finds.

The general solution to Pell's Equation is somewhat accidental in that I stumbled across it, but it's also important because I worry that it leads to a general method for factoring integers.

If that is true then no matter what you may believe, it is quite naive to think no one will notice if you do nothing, say nothing, pretend to see nothing.

I am making this post because I fear some of you DO think that if you are just very quiet, nothing will happen, and already I am at a loss as to how things can have been so quiet with such a major find.

But the equations will not change.

All your denial can do is make the aftermath very, very, very bad.

If the path to factoring is now revealed and mainstream people get quiet, that will only leave the people who do not have egos to protect, who do not care where the information comes from, who do not care if the result is published in some established journal.

People who will only care if it works.

And now more of the dark side, as I fear some of you are hoping now for a literal end of the world. As if in death you can go holding on to a worldview you cherished above all else, as long as you take the rest of the world with you.

I assure you that will not happen. This world will not end. You may.

Things can get rather bad, but the world will keep on turning, humanity will keep going, and eventually the knowledge will be accepted for what it is, and questions will be raised about the community of experts who kept silent.

You owe it to the world to tell the truth. You owe it to your future to wake from your stupor and get a sense of freaking self-preservation.

The dark side of the potential of this result is not nice. And there will be no time-out if things go badly.

And no saying you're just an academic or you had no clue what to do, or no idea how bad it could get.

I'm telling you how bad it can get now. Your life may be in the balance NOW.

Your future may depend on making the right decision. TELL THE TRUTH.

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