Sunday, February 22, 2009


JSH: Best guess as to what happened

For years I've been dealing with a problem where mathematical proofs I've discovered are not being accepted by the mathematical community, and tracing it back, I found that over a hundred years ago a devastating error entered into the math field, which is so devastating that it removes most of the research done in number theory over a hundred plus years.

Seeing that error I was not terribly surprised that a simple solution to the factoring problem might exist as the same practitioners who came into the math field under the error, were making the claims about the factoring problem being difficult.

But you see, factoring is like practical non "pure math" results in that you can either factor a number or you can't.

So success requires math that works. While a lot of currently established number theory is covered by the error so it does NOT work, but that is obscured because the results are with non-rationals.

So modern mathematicians who came in under the error aren't actually that good at mathematics, so to them, factoring was a hard problem, but it's actually not.

Now I've found the simple solution to factoring and posted it, but the people who are in charge in the math field are the people brought in under the error!!!

And it's increasingly clear that they realize what they have invested in the error: their careers.

So even with a simple proof of the factoring problem, with all that entails, they are trying to just ignore it like they did with my proof of the error and my other mathematical research including my proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

But the very reason I picked the factoring problem to work on was to end the efficacy of that strategy.

However to my surprise there has been a delay that has gone on far longer than I thought possible.

It is not clear that the simple solution is not being exploited. One worst case scenario is that practitioners in various field related to Internet security are simply making stuff up about breaches to hide the fact that the current methods are no longer working.

If so, that can only go on for so long though. So we're in a delicate and dangerous period where as far as I'm concerned the Internet no longer has security, but is wide open for anyone with the factoring solution, while the people who are supposed to alert the world are not doing so as they realize that after the world knows the story about factoring the full reality of the devastating error will be revealed, ending the free ride that people have gotten with false mathematics.

Which would probably push a tremendous number of people out of the mathematical field.

A hundred years with a math error of this type can wreak a lot of havoc.

Here the entire field of number theory worldwide is full of people who are, unfortunately, probably actually incompetent at mathematics. They convinced the world that factoring was a hard problem on which to base Internet security. I've proven an error in number theory, and also solved the factoring problem trivially. These people are for the moment not acknowledging the result.

It remains to be seen what the full consequences of their behavior will be.

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