Tuesday, January 27, 2009


JSH: Why many of you hate simple

Complicated and abstruse mathematical texts that take a lot of effort to decipher give many of you in "pure math" at least the feeling that with all that effort, you must have learned something important, but over a hundred years ago a subtle error entered your field. But it is a devastating error that means that over that last hundred years, much of number theory that people have championed, celebrated, and prided themselves on, is wrong.

A culture HAD to build up around the error, as on some level, especially for the more gifted mathematicians there must have been some sense that something was wrong. Some nagging feeling that to be denied required social structures, group pressures, and all the things that allow people to go on with false things, indefinitely.

There are simple answers for problems you have learned to answer with far more complicated ones.

You have been taught wrong. Many of you are being taught wrong.

But your defense now is only your society, as I have the proofs.

Therefore, the only path now is to take away your last defense.

There is no other option.

You have given none.

I tell you now, most of you are not even close to being a mathematician. And you never have been.

The only thing left now, is proving that to the world.
I was disappointed before, and I guess maybe I'm a little disappointed now, but it seems to me that it's pointless to get excited about how stupid the world is.

Why not instead, enjoy it?

Mathematics is key to our science, but "pure math" has existed for over a hundred years and things have been just fine.

So what if humanity has no future? From what I've seen, the human species is not worth crying over.

Maybe some aliens down the line will think this history was of some interest. Some scientists from a truly sentient species.

And none of you have a clue what I'm talking about, but think it's just some babbling.

Which is why you're so much fun! You have no future without the correct mathematics and you're too stupid to know it!!!

You are the end of the line for the human species. So there's no point in getting excited over ANYTHING!

Party time!!!


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