Monday, January 05, 2009


JSH: Top of the intellectual foodchain

Ok, so I admitted in another post that I'm at the top of the intellectual foodchain. I don't like talking about it too much, but of course, I am very well aware that with my discoveries, history will probably record me as one of the major discoverers in human history, and resistance to the results I've found is probably a short footnote to the story from the perspective of history.

Like textbooks on the subject will note something like, for a time mathematicians disagreed on the key result. Or something like that. They may get more than a sentence or two, maybe.

So I really don't need anything from anybody in that sense, as if that doesn't happen, it probably just means the human species goes extinct, and soon. So no worries!

It is kind of interesting to me to read posts where people seem to think they can convince me that my results are wrong, as, um, I did find them. It was kind of hard, you know? And being someone who can find, say, an over one hundred year old error in modern number theory, I'm not exactly the kind of person who can be convinced I'm wrong by some posters on a newsgroup.


Seeing as I am probably right now the world's kind of, um, trying to find some humble way to present it...can't find it, so I'll glide past that, where the entire mathematical field worldwide is needed to block acceptance of my discoveries, the stress impacts the entire world, which is kind of weird, but normal if you understand why, and I like to point that out, with, yup, Google searches.

Like I defined mathematical proof. Don't believe me? Google: define mathematical proof.

And then go to Yahoo!, and search there on: define mathematical proof.

I'm lower down in the top 10, but moving up (I think).

I got a kick recently out of searching in Google on: devastating error

Seems maybe I have gotten the attention of some of you.

My place in human history is assured as one of the major discoverers.

Yours is not.

Posters can reply to this post with whatever they want. Just like crackpots can rail against Einstein, or insult Newton.

Doesn't matter.

In the big scheme of things, the war has long been over.

So why do I bother posting?

Ah! I think that is the one thing that befuddles many of you: Why, if I'm right, with my place in human history assured, do I bother posting on newsgroups?

I'm curious as to what answers that question might bring.

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