Wednesday, January 07, 2009


JSH: Then they turn to insults

It's easy for me to beat the math people with the mathematics, as it's mathematics. So I can prove what I say easily enough, then they argue around the details desperately trying to find some way to obscure the result, often simply lying about what I say, deleting out the argument to claim something that totally doesn't follow, or babbling incessantly about non-issues.

But ultimately they turn to insults.

So I got a paper published on this subject in a formally peer reviewed mathematical journal.

They insulted the journal. Insulted the editors, and insulted me. (And figured out how to break the entire freaking journal process. Seems editors are a weak link!!!)

I can easily show you the result with the distributive property for God's sake, and they argue around that result you used to think was so trivial, and eventually get to, yup, insulting me.

They refuse to follow any rules of academia. Throw out all rules of ethics, so journals don't even bother claiming an error with my papers, they just say they don't think the paper is "appropriate" for their journal.

I still get a kick out of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, where the chief editor—yeah the big cheese—informed me it was a "survey journal" as she also begged that I not send any more papers! Said they weren't suitable for that journal.

They have broken all rules to make one rule: no matter what they will not acknowledge this error no matter how easily it is proven, or how clearly the proof is presented, or how much effort is made in getting them to acknowledge it.

For the theoretical physicists especially "string theorists" maybe it's not a big deal. Their stuff isn't working worth a damn anymore anyway, so going to "pure physics" probably makes a lot of sense to them.

But for you experimentalists, you may as well pack up and go home. None of the theory will work, and if you check knowing this error, nothing using Galois Theory really worked before! Oh yeah, I know group theory and ya da ya da ya da, blah blah blah, you, you true believers!!! Why don't you just start tithing with your religion as well as you're not doing physics.

You're praying.

You're so naive.

My research it seems opens the door wider on the nucleus. Probably helps explain quark behavior.

Could be key to bringing forward quantum chromodynamics to the level of QED.

In contrast, their crappy math just will not work (no matter how much you pray or just believe, believe, believe!).

Believe me now or believe me in a decade.

For you the biggest difference will be your wasted life and research, or not wasted life and research.

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