Friday, January 16, 2009


JSH: Research speaks for itself

Through the years I've been certain that useful research will be used. Seems like it makes sense but hey, it often seems like a crazy world, and I have experience with failure with my research. For years I actually was a math crackpot, with numerous failed attempts at proving Fermat's Last Theorem. Lots of failure. Years of it. But I believed that research speaks for itself so that if I were right, it wouldn't be about me and failure, it would only be about the success.

If I could ever succeed.

The more astute of you may have noticed a sharp dichotomy in recent exchanges on the newsgroups:I could keep going after failure because I found I just liked fiddling around with equations, as it occupied my time, and in accepting that a good reason for what I was doing was enjoyment and not the end itself, as there is no end, I started getting real results, and found this massive problem in abstract number theory which has tested my belief that research speaks for itself.

In the past I'd attack my own credibility considering it useless in considering mathematical proofs.

Now I have to convince that experts in the field of mathematics are for some reason or other ignoring quite a few major discoveries including a find of a massive error in some abstract number theory and the credibility issue has taken a new twist.

What is more credible? People or their results?

I and my opponents have taken two different paths in answering those questions.

Our two paths are revealed through Google searches:
  1. I've emphasized research. Explaining, explaining, explaining. I've worked at simplifying my prior results and worked at making more, and even focused on their usefulness. My focus has been on research.

    Results: Google search results linking to my research in key areas. e.g. Google: define mathematical proof

    Or, Google: solving binary quadratic Diophantine

  2. They've emphasized me. From personal attacks, questioning my sanity to repeating over and over again that I'm wrong, or that even if I'm right nothing I have is important, it has been a non-stop attack on my worth. Their focus: personality.

    Results: Google searches on my name bring up a webpage against me in the top 20 on major search engines, including Google and Yahoo! which I just checked. On Google the flame page came up #20, on Yahoo! it came up #18.
So the search engine results reveal two competing strategies.

I have yet to find searches on my name bringing up ANY of my research. Not any. So no, I can't just search on my name and come up with my research on solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations, or defining mathematical proof.

Their strategy of personal attacks worked in that sense. Their continued use of that strategy can be seen in reply after reply after reply on these newsgroups.

And my disdain for that strategy can be seen in my responses: I believed and believe that research speaks for itself.

They clearly believe in the usefulness of personal attacks. Attack the person to attack the research.

But what kind of scientists would engage in such behavior?

Oh, oops! My mistake. Talking about members of the mathematical community, not scientists.

Behavior speaks for itself.

My situation is about time. I see Google search results as leading indicators of world interest. I see the focus of search engine results on my research and not on me as a brilliant demonstration that it's not the person—it's their work.

I am very tempted to just kick back and relax, turning my problem solving skills to more natural things, like pursuing extremely beautiful women (now that takes a great deal of genius, a problem worthy of my skills).

However, I cannot simply walk away from the reality of some people abusing their position to maintain their ability to teach wrong mathematics, nor deny my responsibility to help in the end of the use of failed ideas, so that correct ones can be used, which can further the advancement of the entire human species.

To the world—They are your children: both the ones being taught false information now, and the ones yet to be born, who may need the continuing pursuit of knowledge.

Don't allow a world that wakes up in some distant future when the reality of the math error and its importance are finally realized, belatedly, only to find it is too far behind to catch up to the solutions it needs for problems we cannot imagine today any more than Galileo or Newton could imagine ours.

The fate of the world is not about personalities. Or who can be more creative in slamming the other guy.

It's about the research that speaks for itself. If you listen.

The future of our world depends on people asking questions.

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