Tuesday, January 06, 2009


JSH: Mathematical proof denied

Ok so yeah, it is of interest to study mathematicians and others in math society deny a mathematical proof, especially a trivial one.

Evidence so far is that with something with HUGE social consequences they are capable of denying anything, doing so with fervor, and doing so for years.

THAT is weird, as imagine a physicist finds out that some theory he has trusted in for decades is bogus, which casts doubt on ALL of his experimental findings, which he realizes were wrong by interpretation, where he simply convinced himself the theory worked but in retrospect he now realizes it ALWAYS failed.

Now then, imagine this physicist, shrugs, goes BACK to using the bogus theory, writing papers, and teaching it to his students!!!

Can you imagine a physicist doing such a thing?

That is the equivalent of what the mathematicians are doing though, and I think the difference is that they can get away with it!!!

Physicists are trying to explain the real world. Mathematicians can just do "pure math" which only requires the agreement of their colleagues.

For the sake of argument—play Devil's Advocate—imagine I have found a bizarre and devastating error in number theory that invalidates over a hundred years of mathematical works, and mathematicians simply can't accept the emotional pain so they just ignore it!

What happens then? Nothing. If they all ignore it, they can just keep doing what they've been doing: writing papers, teaching, getting grants and accepting and giving out prizes, with completely bogus stuff.

But what about physicists?

How long till people notice the physics doesn't work? Would it even take to not being able to build computers, cars, planes, or predict the motion of the planets or stars?

The physicists can't just turn to complete denial and continue as before, unlike mathematicians.

And what I'm proving to you—as I have trivially shown over and over again with a proof relying on the distributive property—is a remarkable error that entered into number theory over a hundred years ago--obscured at least partly by "pure math".

And I discovered it over 6 years ago!!!


Google: SWJPAM

Unlike physicists, mathematicians can remain in error as long as they willfully do so and all go along with the error!

And that is what they are doing now.

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