Saturday, January 10, 2009


JSH: Duty to report

I want it clear to academics in the math field who read the sci.math newsgroup that they do not have a choice in this matter.

They have a duty to report the problem with the ring of algebraic integers.

It is also an ethical duty but can be a legal duty for those who receive government funding where there is legal binding within the contract.

This issue is not minor. For some of you proof of failure to report I believe based on my non-expert understanding of the law could be used in federal cases against you in the United States of America.

It would be the United States of America as the plaintiff against you, and possibly your university.

This notice is meant to make you fully informed that failure to act in the best interests of your country may be more than of academic interest and for some of you may be the worst decision of your lives.

My concern is that I've seen at times from academics a belief that they can choose to ignore results that do not promote their own self-interests.

While that may be true in other matters, in this case, it can be construed as fraud, and you may find yourself facing a US Attorney prosecuting you for at best fraudulent behavior though they may find other criminal acts with which you can also be charged.

I am not acting as a representative of the US Government or any other country. But as a private citizen hoping that by making you fully informed you may be more likely to do the right thing, but also by attempting to make you better informed it will be easier for prosecutions around the world, if you do not.

I am not a legal expert. If you have legal questions then you should consult a legal expert on this matter to find out what your duties actually are under the laws of your respective countries.

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