Thursday, January 01, 2009


JSH: Chaos theory and social situation

It's still something of a mystery to me why mathematicians would behave so blatantly against their own field with results so easily demonstrated to be major research finds, as, don't they expect to get caught?

If not, why not?

I think chaos theory may have the answer where you see acceptance of any given result as a matter of analyzing a complex social system.

At this time, Google and Yahoo! appear to be leading indicators that the clock is ticking against mathematicians who may not only be in actuality bad at math, but also bad with understanding how the world actually works.

I have long suspected for instance that they rely on the arguments on newsgroups to tell them whether or not my research is making headway in gaining acceptance and have long believed that it is making none BASED on the arguments that happen on newsgroups like those here.

But for the chaos theorists other data may be more telling.

As a research point consider the following search strings with Google:

define mathematical proof

devastating error

solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations

All those bring my research up highly in Google, and I think "definition of mathematical proof" is now bringing it up highly in Yahoo! as well.

The end of the resistance of naive mathematical professors—naive about chaos theory and its implications—may be a sudden reversal of public opinion and almost overnight worldwide acceptance of my research, followed by major investigations into their behavior, bringing almost overnight ruin for them.

So why would they put themselves in this position?

Best answer is they don't know how acceptance of research results actually occurs!

And that they overrate disagreement which inflates the apparent influence of minority opinions.

Actual results will of course tell the correct answer as that's what's great about physics!!!

It works in the real world.

Any chaos theorists out there able to make predictions about the moment of criticality?

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