Wednesday, December 10, 2008


JSH: Probably about the degree

I think that the reason physicists side with mathematicians—even just quietly doing nothing if you've been reading is a defense of them as you know what that does, it gives them freedom to continue as they have—is sympathizing with the fear: what if, what if the very basis for your Ph.D is bogus? Is it still valid? What would you do if society said it weren't? Work flipping burgers?

And maybe physicists feel like it's the mathematician's problem, their field, their issue, their over one hundred year old quirky error, so why should physicists be bothered?

Because I am not actually going to lose here, and when it's done that academic wall of silence will come crashing down, and when it's your job and your funding that is being questioned your perspective will change.

What I'm doing here is trying to shift that perspective now, ahead of what you cannot see happening.

As you will not prepare for what you refuse to see.

Like many in the United States didn't prepare for the current down-turn. A down-turn some at least partly blame on physicists who reportedly build a lot of the mathematical systems that the finance people were using.

No matter what, academics are going to take a massive prestige hit. And it will be MASSIVE. But how much that hit affects any one of you individually is about the choices you make now.

I warned, vaguely, in multiple ways about the challenges that would be facing the world economy, though I was worried I'd precipitate it personally, which is a fear that has been allayed, but still I DID warn.

What you do not know about reality is what can change your life.

Many of you may have done research on major discoverers or read about them.

Maybe even imagined what it would be like to be around one, or even to confront one, to test yourself against one.

But you have no idea.

What I can tell you I do is, every day I sit and I try to imagine all people on planet earth, and what they are doing. All of them. And then I run models for what I think will happen next.

Futile effort that may be, but it keeps my mind occupied, somewhat. You see, I look at trendlines, and the larger the group of people the more they seem to trend, and I directly interfere as well.

Google: business plan Internet radio

I'm currently somewhat occupied with the idea of major radio stations with their audio libraries being warehouses accessed by at-home DJ's, which seems like a trivial idea to me.

I've projected the demise of satellite radio after that stupid merger of Sirius and XM radio.

I have defined Google itself and the new media market. And gave Yahoo! business advice which they seem to be only grudgingly taking because they're not smart enough to do otherwise.

And I project 50% to 75% decreases in public funding for research almost across the board so most of you will not be getting public funding as physicists anyway within the next five years regardless of your current status, even Nobel prize winners.

You will be out on the street.

I'm not really asking anything of you with these posts.

I'm working through my guilt before the fact. That is all.

I'm convincing my future self that I did everything that I could with people who at the end of it all, simply were not smart enough to see the train coming, as they lay on the tracks.

Who wouldn't move no matter how loudly I yelled to try and save them.

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