Sunday, December 21, 2008


JSH: Difficult problem, as you can see

The problem with showing this huge error isn't that it's hard to prove it exists; it's that it's a huge error so it grabs just about everyone in the mathematical field along with people who today probably think they are top theoretical physicists, so a lot of egos.

So far there is one dead math journal to show you how far they can go.

Nothing is working so far. Math people are simply throwing out all process. Refusing to accept reason, and going about their business as usual—taking government grants, giving each other prizes, and teaching new students the error.

To them every day continuing with business as usual is a victory.

So far they've managed over 6 years.

Ok. I've given you lots of data. It's a hard problem but the future of the human species depends on resolving it.

Without the correct mathematics, there is no future. Right now, most of you do not know the correct mathematics because no one is teaching it, but me.

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