Tuesday, December 09, 2008


JSH: And that is the cycle

I went ahead and demonstrated what I've faced for years from the math community where I say one thing, explain carefully, and notice they tag-team dodging what I actually say, making up things I don't say but claiming I do, or simply tossing up non-sequiturs until it's all a muddled mess, no matter how much I repeat, and carefully explain it.

Then when I give up the pointless arguing, they celebrate and claim victory.

But here I gave a very simple and direct construction, put it all in the complex plane, and explained a mathematical proof that relies on its key part on the distributive property. I carefully explained how it relies on the distributive property, and gave simple examples elucidating the proof.

And they would delete out the math, the explanations, or babble on incoherently and claim it was me doing so, and then at the end, claim victory, when I got tired of the exercise.

But the point was for you to see what I'm facing: the math community has gone rogue.

They cannot be convinced by mathematical proof alone. They are beyond reason.

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