Tuesday, November 11, 2008


JSH: Weird situation, explanation attempt

I've said for years that I'm a major mathematical discoverer and something was going wrong with the mathematical community which is why my results weren't recognized, but that didn't seem to convince many people, so for several years I worked on the factoring problem. You know, finding a general way to solve for f_1 and f_2 such that f_1*f_2 = N because it seemed like the kind of result mathematicians couldn't avoid.

Well I progressed at that task for years and last year started piling result on top of result by analyzing the simple system of equations:

x^2 = y^2 + S


z^2 = y^2 + T

and as I worked at this I came across something I call the z constraint: fine structure behavior within the seemingly simple second equation which DEFINED z relative to two new variables I called k and alpha.

Well I looked one way to generally solve the factoring problem with this new information and argued as usual with people on math newsgroups, but the issue came up about how fast it was, and they claimed it was slow, and I contemplated getting close to my goal with cold-feet.

Because I was TERRIFIED of crashing the world economy and all along had believed that mathematicians would never let things go too far. It was a game of chicken. A game of chicken with the fate of the world…

But besides I didn't think I was quite done, and was still pondering how to proceed, debating with myself when I thought back to a solution for quadratic residues mod p that I'd come up with earlier. I'd done so because I thought the method of final solution would require finding quadratic residues modulo some prime, and why not see if that could be done with my own method?

Well, I pondered that thing a bit and it kind of occurred to me that maybe it might work mod N, and then I kind of let it drop.

I said I was giving up on factoring research and moving on to other things, which I did.

But let me make an interesting point here: I'd had astounding research finds to my mind which showed I was close to solving the factoring problem and STILL couldn't get anywhere with the math community and no, I wasn't just arguing with people on newsgroups. I was also emailing people like Lenstra, and others.

And part of me thought, hey, I must be wrong, right? No way all these people would just sit by if I'd solved the thing, would they?

And then I really got involved in other things. That was some months ago.

But now, a couple of days ago, I found myself re-visiting the work that was almost a year old, and I posted it again, puzzling over what I'd said before as I thought about it, and noticed that hey, it looked like a general solution to finding a quadratic residue mod N. Wow.

So that's the story.

So the approach has sat out there for around a year.

Um, let's say for the sake of argument that it is a solution to the factoring problem, how did it sit out for so long?

I've done other things to occupy my time, like generally solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations, and no one is paying attention to that either.

But hey, if this solution is right, then your public key might be easily factored. How could THAT have sat out for almost a year?

Oh, and I don't think it did crash the world economy as that's even weirder as it would require a lot of people around the world lying about what was actually going on, and why would they and just leave me babbling out here like in this post?

The situation is befuddling.

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