Friday, November 28, 2008


JSH: Stories are true and then some

The weirdness of being able to easily prove major mathematical finds and find that even that ease is used against you—I've heard it often that my proofs don't "look" like mathematical proofs which is partly why I defined mathematical proof!

(Google: "definition of mathematical proof")

As a major discoverer I'm confronted by the reality of the stories that I gave in a previous post where I have to take as normal bizarre behavior where mathematicians will literally leave the country for periods of time when confronted by my research as if in physically going SOMEWHERE they can escape the truth, and then they come back and go on with their lives as if nothing happened.

The integer factorization research I've used to show "hidden variables" is remarkable for many reasons not only because it hints at physical models far beyond anything used at this time, but because it is necessary for the next level of science and technology, so as this impasse continues the future still remains in doubt.

Imagine Sir Isaac Newton contemplating a situation like this one in his time, and what world we would have today if he had failed.

The people who are resisting this research are fighting to hold on to ideas that have failed. Kind of like Ptolemaic systems resisting Copernican.

If they can succeed they can have ingrained processes and ideas indefinitely that cannot work, no matter how "pure" they claim them to be, as they are purely wrong.

I think ultimately it is a middle class problem: like the American middle class could not fathom how badly things could get if they just decided that facts didn't matter, so who cared who was president?

The middle class view is the desired one, but it can fail in the face of challenges that require you consider the worst case.

Here the worst case to consider is the end of mathematical and scientific advancement as we know it.

The field has already been corrupted by "theory" that has predictions impossible to test by experiment, as mathematicians infect over into other fields.

The problem is that while some may feel anxious about the future of the physics field it is impossible for them to imagine its actual destruction by attitudes more akin to religion than science, so they do not do enough to stop it.

As the United States did so little to stop the end of the positive view it long held in the world because its people as a group could not see defense of that goodwill as a major value—because of their middle class complacency—until it was gone, and I don't think my country is still really aware yet of how great has been its loss.

If the physics field is lost the humanity that finally becomes aware of it will be a species in pain like nothing we have today, when it will not be a debate but a reality, when people who can solve problems do not exist, as no one has learned the true art, but instead live in the fantasy of answers where none exist, learned from the mathematicians who currently practice it.

To understand the future of your students in physics then if the worst case plays out, consider those mathematicians now who when confronted with proofs leave the country, as if that mattered, or simply just go on about their business, continuing research in areas where that research is no longer needed because they are lost as researchers.

They invest time and energy doing nothing of value but pretending that it is valuable. Imagine if that were the future for your physics students.

So what I'm trying to do for you now is give you fear. Because without the proper fear to value what you currently have, you cannot work to prevent its loss. And the real researcher doing research of value may be as lost to our future as the dodo, killed off because of too much trust and an inability to comprehend a world where a "top" mathematician confronted with one of the greatest mathematical proofs in human history, would try his best to ignore it, fight it, run away from it, rather than celebrate the truth.

You must learn fear, or lose so much that you truly value. It's like learning why you keep looking both ways before you cross the road, no matter how middle class your society is.

You must fear losing what you value most, or you will not defend it.

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