Sunday, November 02, 2008


JSH: So now you know

So yes, I've had 12 years to contemplate what's wrong with the math field and academia in general.

You can continue to look away, and look away from the approach to the spherical packing problem, and implications for materials science.

Look away from binary quadratic Diophantine equations solution.

Look away from DMESE and a way for people to legally copy their bought DVD's.

But you're no longer scientists.

If you do look away then the corruption has already gone too far and the human species is doomed.

I have a theory about why global warming is progressing so rapidly, it's that maybe our Universe on some level likes winners, and has concluded the human species is just one of Her failures.

So She is beginning the process of cleaning up, maybe starting over.

There may be millions of sentient species out there on worlds throughout just our galaxy where the beings there don't go down a dark tunnel and lose their investigative ability, lose their ability to continue scientific progress.

Worlds worth the effort. Worlds where truth still matters.

I may be the last major discoverer on this planet.

Born maybe to be the one witness who knows and understands, and, sorry, yes, ultimately agrees with the diagnosis.

The patient appears to be terminal. The cancer has progressed too far.

Prognosis for the species is, imminent extinction.

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