Saturday, November 01, 2008


JSH: Pity the poor math people

So the irony is that I found the problem with my proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Posters argued with me over the details of that proof so I focused on the key area where the arguments raged, expanded it out and wrote a paper.

The paper got published. The journal retracted after an email campaign by sci.math'ers and the journal died with a rain of abuse hurled at it from the sci.math newsgroup.

But that was just one piece of the full proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

I kept working at it as I worked to understand the result and I began a steady simplification.

Pity the poor math people.

They were fighting a result that could be simplified and simplified until now I can demonstrate it with a few lines:

175x^2 - 15x + 2 = (5b_1(x) + 2)(5b_2(x)+ 1)

and get to

7*(175x^2 - 15x + 2) = (5a_1(x) + 7)(5a_2(x)+ 7)

where the a's are roots of

a^2 - (7x-1)a + (49x^2 - 14x) = 0.

Pity the poor math people.

They killed one of their own math journals for a few years of grace from the truth, if you call it grace.

For a few more years to teach naive young minds.

Pity the poor math people, and the horror that they wrought upon the world.

Pity them and then pity yourself for they robbed us all.

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