Saturday, November 01, 2008


JSH: Peer reviewed and published

So yeah, I had this result I'm pushing so hard formally peer reviewed and published in the mathematical journal SWJPAM, which stands for Southwest Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

When it happened a poster on sci.physics opined that now you'd never hear the end of it.

Yeah, as if the rules matter.

You people put a label like "crackpot" on someone and then feel free to watch special treatment and special behavior outside the rules no matter what they can prove or how far they get within the rules.

But you're screwing yourselves as well.

My point then has been that the formal peer review system has clearly shown itself to be terribly flawed.

It is fallible to group opinion against a major result that is not liked by the majority.

And academics in other disciplines cannot be trusted to come over into another area even when a case is dramatic to the extreme: a dead math journal with a result that can be simplified to basic algebra which shows an error going back over a hundred years.

I want to break the modern academic system entirely.

The point here is to give me the power of full reform across the board against any discipline, so not only mathematics or even physics but Literature, or Biology, or even Medicine.

I need the full authority to shut down entire programs. End entire journals. And do necessary things like destroy tenure.

THAT is the point of the drama.

THAT is the reason for the energy.

And THAT is what will happen.

You are empowering me to be one of the most powerful men in the history of the human race by your refusal to do the right thing, and I will take that power for the good of the human species.

Thank you very much. And goddamn you to hell because I hate this situation, but I will do what it takes so that it never happens again.

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