Saturday, November 01, 2008


JSH: Just consider Andrew Wiles

I can easily see mathematicians doggedly walking through a rain of spit to keep teaching the wrong ideas if they can get to their offices, close the door, and continue the fantasy, as what is the alternative?

Can you imagine the horror of the position of say, Andrew Wiles if he accepts what follows from my simple demonstration?

It's almost too cruel to comprehend, a man who spent decades of his life in pursuit of a dream, who had accolades and prestige heaped upon him, to see it all not only yanked away, but shown to never have been based on any real accomplishment.

Why wouldn't he fight a result like this one? (Not saying he personally is fighting it.)

Remember key facts: the paper that killed the journal SWJPAM went by Barry Mazur before. Also, I tried to get it published at a journal where Ralph McKenzie was editor because I saw he was at my alma mater Vanderbilt University. He claimed to not understand it when I was just using email, until I forwarded him Mazur's email, and then he offered that I should explain it in person, so I traveled to Nashville, and explained.

The journal SWJPAM had my paper for nine months. I corrected them in email conversations from calling me "Dr. Harris" as I noted that I was an amateur researcher. After publication one of the editors in response to my profuse gratitude said that all that mattered was the correctness of the result.

Yet they caved a little while later when some sci.math'ers mounted that crafty email campaign.

The denial here has nothing to do with what I can prove mathematically but all about human weakness.

Would you want to be Andrew Wiles now?

If any of you were inspired by his story, can you imagine being him now?

If you were him, would you tell the truth if you read about my simple demonstration showing the problem with the ring of algebraic integers?

Or would you prefer to just go one more day, as many days as you could where you were a hero, known as one of the greatest mathematicians in history? Just one more day? Just one more day? Just one more day?

As, what do you do the day after the truth is known?

How do you pick up the pieces then? How do you even define yourself in this world?

If precedent is followed then this post may be picked up increasingly if people bother searching on "Andrew Wiles".

The world may absorb the rest of the story whatever the mathematical community does to try and block the truth and hold on to the fantasy.

History will catch up to you.

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