Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JSH: So why no legal DVD copying?

A remarkable seeming tangent to my story is the reality that over a year ago as I contemplated ways to break the impasse over my mathematical research I came up with a solution to the problem of legally copying DVD's which I called DMESE, which stands for Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption.

Not having a lot of routes to talk about my ideas, I put it on some of my blogs, and yup, posted about it on newsgroups, where in response I got the usual insults, tirades, and chants that I was insane, along with people claiming it was a bogus idea, but RealNetworks just tried to put out a product which is quite similar:

The similarity is in that key to my idea and part of their approach is the encryption of the copy—preventing the user from just handing it off to others.

That's the "self-encryption" part of the DMESE title I created.

Well they were promptly sued!!!

Seems the media giants don't want DVD copying software and the reason I read was that they are afraid people will just rent DVD's and copy them versus buy them, except I solved that problem months ago:

The simple idea I had was the asking for the original DVD after 30 days to be checked by the machine which then assumes you own the thing (or are a really desperate person with lots of time on your hands to try and cheat).

What makes this story almost beyond belief is the reality that millions of United States consumers CANNOT legally copy their DVD's!!!!!!!!!

The supposedly almighty American consumer, ham-strung!!!

(But of course we Americans are no longer considered so mighty these days anyway, I guess.)

I also love this story for showing you how bogus people are who rip on me and my ideas for supposedly being crappy or not working, and for the conspiracy nuts, sorry. I find it hard to believe that the mathematical community has teamed up with Hollywood to block people around the world from being able to legally copy their DVD's just to prevent interest in my research.

Fun thing about a post like this one are the replies I expect from the losers among you who rant against people like me who will claim that I'm all wrong, and that it's not a big deal and you not being able to legally copy your DVD in the United States means NOTHING because you see, they know all, I'm supposedly just a "loon" wanting attention, and there's nothing more to be said, so you just give up and keep illegally copying your DVD or don't copy at all. You nice little sheep, or, um, people who act like sheep. Or should I say think like sheep?

And hey, deep down, you know you like being inconvenienced by people like "Uncle Al" and the other crackpot haters you dote on, to keep those people happy, right?

It's a stupid world, really. Beyond the hype. I assure you. It's a stupid world.

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