Friday, October 31, 2008


JSH: See the problem yet?

Mathematicians are the designated experts for things mathematical, fully expected to rapidly accept anything provable mathematically, but I can TRIVIALLY prove a major problem and they're not doing their jobs. Which leaves me stuck because they are the designated experts for things mathematical, fully expected to rapidly accept anything provable mathematically!

So it's a Catch-22: I can prove I'm right trivially, but the people who know I'm right won't acknowledge it, when society relies on them to acknowledge such a thing.

These people destroyed a math journal versus acknowledge this thing.

You really need to Google: SWJPAM

Those are the initials of the now dead math journal.

They are not following academic rules. They are not following basic rules.

So what if their title is "mathematician" and some of them work at Harvard or Princeton?

You need to know why they're breaking all the rules? Because the problem I found entered the field in the late 1800's, so it invalidates so much, maybe even their very Ph.D's so it's a devastating find.

Want to know how possible it could be that old?

Because you damn well know that "pure math" emerged as a dominant part of the mathematical field recently, and is distinguished by not being useful in the real world, so a major error could lurk there indefinitely because without real-world tests if most people in the field accepted the error you'd be back to Catch-22 above.

The facts in this situation are so overwhelming in my favor from Google searches to easy algebra you can check yourselves to the simple demonstration I recently posted for the mathematical community.

ACCEPT IT. A major error entered into number theory in the late 1800's which invalidates a lot of "pure math" which is trivially proven with easy algebra where I've figured out how to simplify down to quadratics.

But rather than admit the shattering truth mathematicians have successfully ran from acknowledging the error for years now, having killed one math journal where I go a paper published—so I'm the one who had a peer reviewed and published result here while objectors are just ranters on newsgroups—and kept up a smear campaign against me.

The story is so dramatic that in my attempts to find some way to get past the Catch-22, I put up an open source program for Java developers called Class Viewer. Google it. It dominates the search engine results despite Microsoft having their own Class Viewer (does slightly different things). And one day I came up with an idea for copying bought DVD's in a way that Hollywood could like which I called DMESE.

Google DMESE. My idea beats out the stock symbol for a company.

RealNetworks just ended up in a battle with Hollywood over an implementation of just a piece of that idea (not saying they copied from it) which I call the "self-incryption" part.

The mathematicians are lying. And part of their lie is teaching erroneous approaches to NEW STUDENTS.

And as you keep your heads in the sand, you are part of the lie as you are enabling them.

The physics community has the mathematical ability to understand this error, and the common sense to see that something must be going on. Math journals do not just die like that.

I know you have the mathematical ability to understand the error, as my B.Sc. is in physics.

I know how you were trained because I was trained the same way.

You can see what's going on. You're just choosing to let it keep happening.

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