Friday, October 17, 2008


JSH: Pondering the idea rejections

As a person with a degree in physics I find I can't just ignore what the physical world tells me, so I have repeatedly had to question myself as to whether or not I was actually wrong in facing hostility to any number of ideas of mine, with particular rejection in the mathematical field.

So what to do?

Easy. Experiment!!!

So I branched out from "pure math" and started doing problem solving in other areas, and guess what?

Ran into the same mystery rejection which I call a mystery because I could prove things clearly, beyond any reasonable doubt, and even get remarkable supporting data, but find that then the expected acceptance wouldn't happen, and I'd still get rejecting behavior on newsgroups where I was sidelined from the mainstream.

Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption or DMESE for short is just the most spectacular and SIMPLE example so far of this bizarre phenomena which is so dramatic because the entertainment industry loses literally MILLIONS of dollars facing a problem I solved over a year ago—and gave away for free.

RealNetworks is in a court battle to try and get software used which coincidentally uses a piece of the full solution I found, the "self-encryption" part, having been blocked by a court order when the objection raised by the MPAA is solved by a solution I found over a year and 3 months ago.

Sorry people but that's not evidence of an efficient world when it comes to information.

Add to that weird stuff like, Google: define mathematical proof

In the US most of you should get my personal definition of mathematical proof in the top 5, out of 550,000 possibles according to Google when I checked just now. Or Google "definition of mathematical proof" where the quotes are needed now (not before) and I take #1.

(When I say "Google" I mean use Google. Yahoo! gives slightly different results but some are just as spectacular but I like simple exposition so I'm sticking with Google where things work best.)

In the face of this evidence on the math newsgroups where I pointed it out, I was told that Google ranking don't matter!!!

Hmmm…maybe millions of investors need to know about this profound assertion by math people, eh?

The short of it of course is blanket rejection of basic facts which is fanatical behavior.

Physicists confront it routinely.

Difference here is that in pointing it out to the physics community here I've ran into a bizarre wall, punctuated by insults from posters like "Uncle Al", so even the physics community on newsgroups doesn't behave, so what gives?

I made an open source program. Google "Class Viewer". I came up, with a plot idea for a Superman movie, Google: Superman plot idea

And yes I'm doing all kinds of things trying to outline a bizarre problem space where near as I can figure NONE of you are what you say you are, or what I'd think you say you are.

So of course I reject academia now. I feel like my physics professors lied to me. My country lied to me. My world lied to me.

I was convinced that if I got a good education, worked hard and could prove the value of my ideas I'd be rewarded but instead I've been insulted or mostly ignored when I can get bizarre validation from the new technology of web search results.

So I know there is something wrong. The world I was told existed as a child does not.

It was a lie.

So then, now we can start. What is this world really? Who actually runs it?

What do you actually believe in?

And now if I've got your attention, who in the hell are you?

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