Saturday, October 18, 2008


JSH: Now I'm getting upset

I've been kind of mean in recent posts not really to gloat or anything but to make a point.

You can all be brought down to the level of everyone else and the Ph.D's won't matter, and what you claim are accomplishments won't matter, and pretension won't matter.

Because all people will hear is how you couldn't accept a very simple solution that they can understand.

And then I can really get mean and talk about funding and survival of the fittest and if I could figure out everything I did without public funding, why can't you?

I'm growing impatient.

In working on this problem space as I branched out from my "pure math" research when mathematical proof didn't work, and even publication didn't work (math journal published, retracted after publication, journal died) I've been analyzing the situation and dumbing down my models.

Yup. I've kept dumbing down my models for how I'd guess people in academia should react as I tried to figure out a way to break the impasse, which is partly why there is DMESE, which is a purely commercial idea.

Now maybe I can come up with another purely commercial idea. I don't know. I hope I don't need another one, but if I do need another one because I still think you're smarter as a group than you are, then it'll be the same type thing again:
  1. I put the idea out and give it away for free.

  2. I wait.

  3. Some time passes, maybe someone uses part of the idea, coincidentally or not, it doesn't matter.

  4. I come out and rant about how stupid the world is, and especially your community.
We can do those iterations for as long as you want as I look for incremental impact where part of the goal is removal of public funding for your research.

From someone who felt a part of the physics community to someone who increasingly is looking to drop public funding more and more with each passing day, it's been a very disillusioning ride.

Physicists could have ended this years ago by catching mathematicians not behaving.

The publication and death of that journal was kind of a clue.

And I know that I'm right that the best research will get done with or without public funding because I have my own experience on which to draw.

The best physics minds will find a way. The rest of you are not worth the world's time or money.

Increasingly I believe physics research will get a HUGE leap forward as what I'm seeing is not intelligent behavior:
  1. You do not test a major discoverer as major discoverers just ≤gasp≥ keep making discoveries!

  2. Pissing off someone who is more than smart enough to convince other people that you are big fat liars is not a good idea.

  3. Continuing as if you are safe when you are told over and over again that your funding will be gone is a sign of a total lack of intelligence.
Make no mistake.

I will work to remove your public funding.

I don't care where you are. I don't care if you're Cornell, or Harvard or Duke or wherever.

I will work to remove your public funding for research. Protecting only certain areas, like materials science (national interests and all of that).

I wish to cull the academic field worldwide.

Cull as in remove many of you from academia.

As in force you to do something else with your life besides pretend to be a physicist.

Is that clear yet or should I continue to rant?

And make no mistake here, what you see on the surface is the tip of an iceberg. I'm already working to make sure my ideas are traveling in political circles and to make sure that I can get the ear of policymakers.

I will beat you at that game hands down. And your departments will feel the financial pressure, hopefully, worldwide and your will feel a tremendous drop in prestige as I deliver, and deliver and deliver and make the point that you no longer do because I am very, very, very angry.

None of the arguments you can use against naive people who don't know better will work with me when it comes to funding as the best scientific minds will find a way.

Like I've found ways.
I'm so frustrated here by a situation that shouldn't be possible!!!

So maybe I'm throwing in everything but the kitchen sink here but I'm hoping there is some kind of opening.

I hate to threaten funding.

I'd prefer to dream about doing more research, but instead I'm trying to find what buttons to push to get a response that fits more in line with people who care about something.

I figure many of you care about funding.

There is no doubt about my research. No reasonable doubt. I can keep branching out from "pure math" but the mathematical research is EXTREMELY important.

Who knows fully why mathematicians have gone bizarro and can't be moved by mathematical proof, but they have.

If you force me to turn problem solving skills just to convincing people versus making more significant discoveries then I will continue to do so, but I will increasingly feel that is unavoidable proof that you are screwed up as well, like the mathematicians.

Which would mean many of you are fakes. Not really physicists doing real research but people managing the system for public funding.

Or, as I like to call it, people living off of white collar welfare.

I will solve this problem and do it hopefully without destabilizing the entire world (math people were pushing me to do that by solving the factoring problem).

But make no mistake, I'm driven by the responsibility. And as far as I know, I have wide latitude to get things done here for the good of the human species.

To history that would just make me a great man, if we survive this crap, as a species. If not, then it doesn't matter anyway because our species and its history will just have been crap.

All that effort by all those people who discovered so much, learned so much, BELIEVED in so much, all for nothing because at the end…but no. That is not how this story ends. Not on my watch.

You people do not have the power and if you force me you will understand what I can do to honor those who came before me, and to save those who are to follow, those who are still yet to be born.

I will not let you kill them.

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