Sunday, October 26, 2008


JSH: Not a popularity contest

As I rant and rave, continually antagonize my audience, and talk about cutting public funding for basic research, or well, any research at all, I can imagine mathematicians smiling to themselves. No way people will ever listen to such nuttiness and they may smugly feel they can rest secure that I'll never be taken seriously—except I DO have major mathematical research results.

So their satisfaction in my mind is a dismissal of their own field.

These modern "mathematicians" clearly despise mathematics.

As if, as if a really unlikable guy could possibly get listened to <gasp&rt; just because he has mega mathematical discoveries of the type that come around once in a century, or more. No way, right? Not in our popularity dominated world!

Don't you know the lesson of MTV? Of The HIlls?

Popularity is all that matters, right? Substance means nothing, right?

And if you believe them you can sit back and relax, but if they're wrong then you know that an increasingly angry and frustrated major discoverer is figuring out ways to convince policymakers someday that sharp reduction in public funding for basic research is the ONLY way to bring back integrity to the system and insure that people are actually doing real research of some value. People doing valuable research will find a way. The cons will leave for easy money elsewhere.

And besides, I figured out my mathematical results without public funding and with mathematicians from around the world mostly making fun of me, the nasty bastards.

IF I can do it, others can.

So what good are you academics anyway?

Professors teach. Discoverers do.

Albert Einstein of course worked in a patent office. What if society missed the clue? The reality that maybe academia INHIBITS major discovery.

What if we got it wrong? What if our universities around the world while playing a crucial role of teaching are the last places to go to for innovation?

What if our world has created a massive system for BLOCKING major advances, where now even the would-be Einsteins of today cannot get past the professors of today?

The message I'm giving to you if you haven't picked it up, if you are an academic, is that you are probably a failure at your job, but surrounded by other failures, you all call each other successes, and condemn the human race to the muddled mess you call research.

Publish or perish. Yeah, you publish, and let the human race perish for people who are second-rate researchers at best and outright frauds in many cases in a system that does not work.

And my story proves that beyond a doubt. You block major mathematical discoveries because you are incompetent boobs living off the public in a white collar welfare system and you legitimately see me as a threat to your free money.

Yeah, you con artists. I am a threat to your free money. And you are a threat to human civilization itself.

You are the snakes in the grass.

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