Wednesday, October 22, 2008


JSH: Moving to real fun

Back when I was naive and stupid, and idealistic, I dreamed of making great discoveries to advance the state of humanity.

But then I made some discoveries, got years of abuse from mathematicians, and now all I want to do is make as many academics look like fools, destroy endowments, end departments and generally wreak havoc across the academic world, as I think I kind of went bonkers as a result.

And so I no longer care, can no longer be convinced, but I'm still brilliant, can keep making discoveries indefinitely, and fantasize about shutting down, Princeton!

Yup, I want to shut down Princeton.

That sounds like a better goal than stupid nonsense like furthering and advancing the state of the human species as its full of ingrates, and people who don't value knowledge, but they care about cable!

Yeah, give them their cable. Give the hoi polloi their television with its nincompoops and actors who are worth nothing but get so much from a world of fools. This ship of fools.

Well at least I can make your lives miserable. Take away your funds and force you to do what I can do.

Make you live up to my standard.

Public funding for research is stupid.

All scientists should learn to live in the free market. Do their research as best they can without welfare.

It's time for you people to grow up!

I'm tired of the world babying you, babies.

It's time for you all to start working for a living!

Like me.

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