Sunday, October 26, 2008


JSH: Feeling better now

Um, so I've been ranting this morning as I've been feeling sorry for myself but a poster called Enrico just elevated my mood!

He's shown a cool result related I think to what I call a massive theoretical super structure, which I also call a Diophantine supermap for binary quadratic equations.

I had two theories about how that supermap worked, where a poster called Tim Smith helped me eliminate one, and Enrico just validated the other.

Well the rants were fun so I'm glad I got them out of my system.

If my research is ever accepted in mainstream mathematical circles I probably won't get away with such activities any more.

Hmmm…before that happens I may need to do some more ranting and REALLY rip on some academics before it's too late…

Oh yeah, Enrico should write a paper and try to get published.

God knows I won't bother submitting to any more damn journals.

Been there done that—YEARS AGO—dead journal for my troubles for the only paper that ever got accepted.

Got lots of denials though. Some woman called Susan Friedlander has a lot of them. There are also quite a few from some crap journal published by some school called Princeton, as if it matters.

Far as I'm concerned, they're all crap journals.

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