Saturday, October 25, 2008


JSH: Contradictory data

I've actually been waiting for some indication of pick-up on my ideas for managing copy of digital media, which I call Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption or DMESE for short (some of you may notice that can sound a lot like "dummies").

And I put the idea out there, of course, to reality test, as reality testing is a critical part of modern problem solving which I gleefully endorse, and it took over a year and a half—I first put out DMESE January 29, 2007—but here we are with RealNetworks using the self-encryption part, for DVD copying software, and promptly being sued into stopping by Hollywood.

Bizarre, or is it?

Previously with more reality testing when I pulled out and expanded one piece of my proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, and shifted things slightly to make a paper, it got published, after quite a bit of effort on my part, sending it to journals and such, only to be pulled when sci.math'ers mounted a crafty email assault against the paper to the editors, and the wankers yanked it after publication, as always Google: SWJPAM

Later the entire mathematical journal died. Cameron University wiped its existence from its websites and some freaking European group EMIS saved the American journal when its own country didn't want it any more.

10 years of math papers into the crapper just like that as if were nothing.

So now we have new and ever more dramatic evidence that the world is stranger than you previously thought, or even I previously, thought with some illuminating events indicating human interference, and interference in bizarre ways indicating strange powers to do things not previously thought possible:
  1. An entire mathematical journal can keel over and die after yanking a paper by a supposed crackpot, and not a single reporter worldwide can be motivated to give a damn (believe me, I tried).

  2. Citizens around the world including supposedly savvy and very demanding American consumers cannot legally copy DVD's they buy, despite a FREE IDEA having been given out over a year and a half ago by the world's benefactor, me, in a wonderful gesture of charity, as the idea is conservatively worth, oh, about $100 million over its patentable lifetime, if I could have gotten a patent, of course, as patent examiners are kind of bonkers, so that's not a certainty. But I digress.
So I give an idea worth hundreds of millions of dollars to test the ability of the world to remain in control of some rather powerful people who have revealed themselves by some amazing blocks requiring extraordinary political ju-jitsu, and massive balls. Or have they? Or are they a figment of my fevered imagination?

But they haven't simply killed me. (Can you imagine walking around every day wondering if you're going to be assassinated suddenly? That's my life.)

And they left me to do more mathematical research and I obliged by solving binary quadratic Diophantine equations (I know, quite a mouthful) and I'm monitoring to see how long people use the old ways which are less efficient, versus the new way which leads to a more direct, general way of solving.

Or maybe there is no weird group of strange but powerful men capable of destroying a math journal at a whim and blocking consumer products without much effort, which means a new theory is needed.

And that's where you people come in, as some of you seem to think you're very intelligent.

I need answers people. What does the data mean?

Is there some dark cabal working to keep people from knowing about advanced mathematical techniques and prevent them from legally copying their bought DVD's?

Or is it all just bizarre coincidences where the information isn't traveling? So no one KNOWS there is DMESE?

So what about its rankings in search results? Why does DMESE dominate with Google, even trouncing the stock symbol of some company with the same initials?

How about the binary quadratic Diophantine solution?

How is it possible for a better way to do still popular math with the people who do that stuff of course sit versus being picked up in our very connected world?

And if there is a conspiracy, why haven't they killed me yet?

Ok, so get to it. I need answers in 48 hours, just because. Better yet, 24 hours.

The hecklers will make their nonsense replies. Ignore them.

Part of the conspiracy theory is that they are paid agents, so their PURPOSE is to distract you.

Ok then, let's see how brilliant you are.

Resolve the conflicting data, answer the questions.

The clock is ticking…

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