Friday, September 05, 2008


JSH: Now we'll see

What I like about the Diophantine Equation Theorem, which I just worked out today, is that now we can all see how long it takes for the mathematical community to recognize the result.

There are already posters insulting me in threads, how long will that continue?

Will there be yet another battle from the math community over this result?

Posters casting doubt on the theorem?

A refusal by any established mathematicians to recognize it? Possibly claiming it's not of interest?

Time will tell. So now we wait.
So far, more of what I've seen before. I did get excited too quickly about the Pell's Equation result, but it is also clear that certain posters are doing their best to trivialize everything.

At least I managed to find a result relating certain Pythagorean triples to cases of Pell's Equation where D-1 is a square, which is I'd think a somewhat interesting result.

Still the reality remains that I was checking the theorem, so the weekend was a huge success as the best news for me is that the Quadratic Diophantine Theorem doesn't just go in a BFC—Big Freaking Circle—as it clearly gives answers.

That posters have shied away from the reality of the full theorem to focus on specific issues with my assertions is consistent with what I've seen before.

Time will tell what the math community does next.

So, short answer is, more of the same from certain posters. It's still a wait and see on what the rest of the mathematical community does.

But without a doubt, I have yet another tool.

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