Sunday, September 07, 2008


JSH: Now that's funny

The posters "Rotwang" and "Angus Rodgers" were trying to cast doubt on the value of my Quadratic Diophantine Theorem by showing easy derivations that followed in hindsight from a result I found using that theorem with Pell's Equation:

x^2 - Dy^2 = 1

with D a natural number for integer solutions to exist there must exist an integer S such that

x+y = sqrt((S^2 + D - 1)/D).

The posters tried to dismiss that new result as trivial by showing it's easily proven.

But what had me laughing was the clear fear in the later postings by Rodgers when I noted the value of the result HE found, as he tried to back-track from it!!!

As I've noted, some of you despise mathematics.

His fear is clear: he realizes that a huge result could validate my research, and he's terrified of that implication.

It makes me wonder though, why would such a person even bother to do anything in the math field at all?

What does he get out of it?

Dismissal of knowledge seems too easy for him. What kind of person must he be?

I titled this post "Now that's funny" but it's actually kind of sad.

As I've feared, I think it clear that some of you despise human knowledge and would rather block growth and learning than accept a shift in your social order.

The Math Wars are class wars.

Some of you DECIDED I was beneath your class and you have fought me dearly to hold what you see as your class protection, and the human species, and its growth in knowledge be damned as you don't care about anything else but your class positions.

It is clear to me that some of you are actually anti-mathematicians, hiding out in the field, pretending to be people who give a damn about the truth and discovery, when you are in the field for something else.

[A reply to someone who noted that James had said that he had “no intentions of picking up a renewed posting frenzy” but then he posted five times more often than before.]

Situation changed.

I thought I was done with discovery. Hoped I was done.

Then I had this idea to try tautological spaces against

c_1*x^2 + c_2*xy + c_3*y^2 = c_4*z^2 + c_5*zx + c_6*zy

and next thing I knew I had this beautiful theorem and the results just came flying out!

It's overwhelming you know.

I don't feel exactly like I control this process, but am being controlled.

Which is why I know that people like you are fated to lose.

You see yourselves as fighting one man, and you think you know what man is, and what you can say or do to break me down.

But you are fighting mathematical discovery itself, and thousands of years of human history when yes, there was competition before, so the competition I'm facing from men like you, fighting for the status quo to maintain your hold on your mates and to help you breed is not new.

So you know then that every time in past history you have been defeated or we would not have computers, airplanes, or medical science.

The discoverer has always won.

Only now maybe, just possibly your competitive male brain is considering that maybe, just maybe you were never just fighting one man.

You were fighting the spirit of the human race itself—the destiny of our entire species—acting through me.

You were fighting for the annihilation of the human species.

Which is why you lost.

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