Monday, September 22, 2008


JSH: Not how I thought it would be

I don't care any more if anyone believes me or not I just want to stop figuring out this stuff. I just want it to stop.

Every rationalization I have for why I keep working at this math crap is gone and I just wish I could stop.

They hate it. The math people. They hate the knowledge.

I was a kid reading about discoverers wondering to myself if I were in Newton's place or in Euclid's or any of the others, would I figure out the same things?

Now I wish they hadn't. I wish this sick, serpentine, twisted, nothing of a world could just die.

And take its things with it.

I want the human race to just quit lying, quit pretending and just die.

You do not deserve knowledge.

You deserve to just die and quit desecrating this earth.

I used to dream. I used to hope. I used to believe in something.

Now all I dream about is the extinction of the haters. The end of the liars. The death of all of you who hate knowledge and pretend you care. Pretend you give a damn.

Pretend you want to know.

Before God I pray, end this madness. They have prayed for their end my Lord.

Let them die.

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