Friday, September 12, 2008


JSH: The mathematical Catch-22

Mathematicians reject my mathematical results, but rejected them even when I got a research result formally peer reviewed and published. I've mentioned it before but it's worth pointing out again that you should Google "SWJPAM", as those are the initials of the now dead mathematical journal that DID publish me, before retracting after some sci.math posters went after my paper with concerted emails.

They've rigged the system so that nothing I do is supposed to matter. Nothing.

Not mathematical proof. Not formal peer review. Not publication.

But the techniques I pioneered with that paper allowed me to figure out how to take ANY Diophantine quadratic equation in 2 variables, that is, an equation of the form

c_1*x^2 + c_2*xy + c_3*y^2 = c_4 + c_5*x + c_6*y

and directly relate it to an equation of the form

A(x+y)^2 - B(x+y) + C = z^2

where I give what A, B and C are in my post: Solving Quadratic Diophantine equations in 2 variables.

Tell me what mathematics you currently have which can do the same thing as simply?

Now you can solve these Diophantine equation in 2 variables without regard to their form by relating them to the simpler form of

A(x+y)^2 - B(x+y) + C = z^2

in one swoop, as once you find an x+y that will work, then trivially you have x or y from the first equation.

But why would any mathematicians fight a revolutionary mathematical analysis technique?

Because the field is corrupted. That technique also revealed a serious error with certain esoteric mathematical ideas in number theory which was a reason for them to want to kill my earlier paper.

Since number theorist who specialize in the area shown to be flawed are not really doing correct mathematics in this area those current practitioners are not the best in the world so they cannot do the best mathematics in the world, which is why they couldn't give you the simplification I just did.

And I started working on it last Friday. One week is what it took.

I have seen how math society ways of doing things from this group of people have been corrupting the physics field itself with "string theory" and the de-emphasis on experiment as if a mathematical explanation alone that cannot be tested can be trusted, but people can lie or just make mistakes and all nod their heads in agreement.

If you wanted a dramatic demonstration of the failures of the current math field then you have it now.

They fought me for over 6 years to hold back knowledge of mathematical techniques that I used to simplify

c_1*x^2 + c_2*xy + c_3*y^2 = c_4 + c_5*x + c_6*y

in only 4 days. 4 days traversing an area with 2000 years of mathematical research.

Progress is about progression. People today with modern problem solving techniques can do the seemingly impossible—if allowed.

You must let us be allowed and stop the gatekeepers who are fighting an endless psychological war against people like me.

Human error is as old as humanity itself. History is full of fights of one group or another against revolutionary ideas without which science and human knowledge in general could not progress. You know the history.

You know of the battles of discoverers against idiot and politicians, sycophants and fools, who were fighting for some old order or another.

I am not asking you to just trust me. I am giving you mathematical tools with which you can advance human knowledge. LEARN more. DO more.

The choice to continue with the status quo is the acceptance of the defeat of the pursuit of human knowledge, to make me the Galileo who failed.

If that is your wish, then if you want to make this about one person and feel some glow of warmth at my defeat—the first in human history if it occurs—then you need to know what else happens: this species dies soon thereafter.

The role of the discoverer has never been presented this clearly before because the danger has never been this great before. The drum-beat of annihilation beats louder and its the complacency that may kill as too many think global warming is just another thing, or that somehow there will be a replacement for oil in time.

Because you cannot solve the problems when you block the problem solvers!!!

I am so frustrated that the very people who fail are selling themselves as the answer and blocking out the discoverers who CAN get answers in time.

I may be the first major discoverer to fail in human history. Guess there would have to be one, eh?

But I'd also be the last, as after that failure, there is no future. No path to greater science and technology—as you will not have the mathematics, and you will not have the problem solving techniques, and you will not have the pursuit of truth as the highest ideal.

You'll have pretenders who get what they can until the end comes and there is nothing left for anyone.

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