Sunday, September 07, 2008


JSH: Kind of like zombies

Ok I did the one post noting the obvious--that protecting your professors is taking away your own opportunities. But now I think it worth noting that you people have been AMAZING in terms of your faithfulness against your own interests.

It's like, of course if there are new research techniques over-turning older results that is an opportunity for young people.

Why do you think I keep posting to alt.math.undergrad?

Supposedly your own self-interest would have made you push for new ideas but for years now, you've been like mindless zombies. Following along when that means that for most of you, you will never even have CAREERS in mathematics.

All these older mathematicians are blocking your places as they have them.

Oh, and yeah, mathematics is a fascinating field. The person with the more powerful techniques can get the huge results. Duh.

I have the most powerful mathematical research techniques. I can find the huge results.

So those of you mindlessly trotting behind your professors like good little math students not only are against your own self-interest, you're running out of time, as THEY had their time, but for you there is the near certainty that as time goes by, I'm likely to take out entire areas of research possibilities.

So you could work hard. Follow the system. And wake up one morning to hear that I've nailed yet another huge result, like researchers who do anything with Pell's Equation could be hearing today, if they bother caring.

And think about it. Those of you who know about the new research might be seeing in amazement your society acting as if it doesn't exist!

Texts continuing to trot out the old info, and people working hard, putting in their mental sweat and effort. Trying as hard as they can do figure out more about…about the trivially solved.

The social reality I face IS formidable.

For years now I've seen how willfully many of you will ignore major mathematical techniques to trot along behind your professors and be good little math students, so yes, I understand you may continue.

Just for social crap, to feel good, to think that, hey, those are the rules and you are following them, so does it really matter if your mathematical knowledge is actually primitive? If history will overturn any validation you receive from today's society?

I think for most of you, it does not, as that is some vague hypothetical.

But I hope some of you DO care about correctness. And DO care about mathematics as discovery and truth versus just agreeing with some professors.

But for years now, most of you have been, well, more like zombies than math students.

I have proven Fermat's Last Theorem. And in so doing found a math error in "core" that is over one hundred years old. I have found THE prime counting function. I have results across prime number. I am now coming back to Diophantine equations with immediate success.

You stand against me and you stand against mathematical history for people who will lose in the judgment of history.

And some will go down very badly, more than happy to take down as many of you with them as they can.

The puzzle for me for so many years has been: why do so many of you hate yourselves?

Why do so many of you despise your own futures?

A question I have often asked myself is, why don't any of you seem to have a sense of self-preservation?

I ponder that question now.

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