Monday, September 29, 2008


JSH: Any ideas what to do?

This latest result is great for those of you who think I'm facing rational resistance to understand what is really going on.

x^2 + Dy^2 = N


z^2 + D(x+y)^2 = N*(D+1)

is to me fun mathematics. Interesting number theory following from amateur research of my own, where I use this wild technique I got to name as I invented it, which is tautological spaces. So I figured all kinds of things out about quadratic Diophantine equations in 2 variables by subtracting from an identity made using

x+y+vz=0(mod x+y+vz)

and later using z=1.

So you have this remarkable analysis technique using identities. And I get complex identities, subtract equations from them, and analyze the residue where I can give you

x^2 + Dy^2 = N


z^2 + D(x+y)^2 = N*(D+1)

as just one of the discoveries from this path, and then let you think about the reaction of the mathematical community, which is disappointing.

I've had a paper published on other research which followed from my previous research using tautological spaces, where I'd chased Fermat's Last Theorem and found I could show a subtle error in number theory.


So you see, ignoring the mathematics here is at least partly about hiding error, which is why the fight against the research is so political where there are so many smear tactics used against me.

They betrayed the discipline itself, and to escape they have to always distract from the truth, as mathematical proof is their enemy.

Think about it. Say some math professor writes complete garbage in a certain academic style, and a committee of others claim it is correct, who can come in and get the truth known if they all just keep agreeing?

You try. They'll smear you. Call you a crackpot. Question your sanity, and ultimately just never acknowledge no matter what you prove, as all they have to do is keep agreeing.

But why would anyone do such a thing?

Because that's how they get paid. If they tell the truth then they are no longer mathematicians.

But by talking complexities they can write complete garbage in a certain style that is said to be correct by others because they are writing complete garbage in a certain style and now all they have to do is keep out real checking, like by computers.

So computer checking of claims does not meaningfully exist in the math field.

And then they have to go after real discoverers like me, with the most powerful tactic being to do nothing.

And it's not just me, as consider Britney Gallivan.


I want you to understand that they will suffocate if they can ANY research that threatens their ability to put forward garbage in a particular style and claim it's valid mathematics, and they will not even properly acknowledge the work of a young teenage girl, as she was a teenager at the time (since graduated from college).

That could be you. It might be you if you're someone else who ran into this dark reality out there.

So what can be done? I'm really wondering.

I have tried publication. One dead journal later… Google SWJPAM.

I've talked to mathematicians by email and one in person at my alma mater. I've gotten feedback from notables like Barry Mazur. I've tried contacting the press about the situation. I even contacted a U.S. Attorney once about the situation.

From what I've seen, they've blockaded all the doors leaving me with posting on newsgroups, where other posters in a dedicated way shadow my posts to pump in negatives and distract often from the mathematics.

Or I can put things on my math blog and wait and hope. And years later…

One of the remarkable things the world has done, according to Google, is a vote for my research through search engine results, like my favorite: Google "definition of mathematical proof"

But that is scary as well as it implies also that the world doesn't know what to do either.

The academics are entrenched.

Who can win against them? How can the truth win against the agreement by committee?

For those who think this issue is still just about one person, consider that the current financial crisis in the world was partly driven by complex mathematical models sold to financial institutions.

Lying about mathematics is not just a minor thing.

Without the correct mathematical ideas in place humanity cannot move forward in science and technology.

Short-sighted people worrying about their paychecks or having a job (as what would they do if they had to do REAL research versus faking doing math?) are willing to destroy the future of the entire human species.

If you thought this issue was unimportant, look to the financial crisis playing out, and really consider that math people sold those financial ideas. Math people did it.

Your society helped break the world.

[A reply to someone who asked James who would he trust better than mathematicians to write the computer programs checking mathematical proofs.]

Expert systems are not written entirely by the "expert".

Your question is like wondering how medical diagnosis programs can get written if medical doctors only would write them.

Or do you naively believe that only medical doctors write such programs?

I'm curious as this issue repeatedly comes up, where math people seem bizarrely to believe that mathematicians would actually write the programs!!!

Do you all think that? Are you all so naive about modern computer science?

Who do you think write these programs?

I'll tell you: computer scientists.

Like mathematicians do mathematical research, computer scientists write programs for expert systems and can do so in areas where they themselves are NOT expert.

Sometimes the math community seems remarkably obtuse about the simplest things!!!

Or are you playing stupid?

Like mathematicians are experts with mathematics.

Computer scientists you, you, I find it hard to describe you people, are the experts with computer systems!!!


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