Saturday, September 20, 2008


Diophantine chains, citation

I came up with the following:

ABSTRACT. We solve a large class of quadratic binary Diophantine equations without resort to the theory of quadratic number fields. Examples are given of equations amenable to our approach, including some which are intractable by classical methods. A corollary is drawn concerning the size of smallest possible solutions
to certain quadratic forms.

The paper was written in 1983, and I only saw one page on the web so couldn't dig into it to see what technique they use.

But it does tell me that at least as early as 1983, people were still working on the problem.

I'm still researching around on this issue but it does look like a case where I can show a clear advantage with my techniques where math society is once again dragging its feet.

I already have 2 rejections on my paper with the general solution to 2 variable Diophantine quadratic equations.

The financial crisis in the US picked up steam after those rejections.

You do not understand reality as well as you think.

Your rejection is driving the world to the brink.

If humanity does not choose knowledge then it has no future.

The irony is that you don't get years to slowly decay and die.

The collapse of civilization upon my failure will be immediate.

And it is beginning now.

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