Friday, August 22, 2008


Innovation, my TSP algorithm and factoring, timelines

Turns out that there is a lag between pickup of any revolutionary idea and its presentation.

I have research into the factoring problem which I think is kind of good, though I didn't actually finish an algorithm as I decided it was too dangerous. Gist of that research was to consider two congruences where mathematicians typically consider one:

x^2 = y^2 mod p
z^2 = y^2 mod T

where T is the target composite to be factored and p is an odd prime that I call a helper prime as it's just there to help you factor T. I solved out the problem with a couple of additional variables as one of my key problem solving techniques involves adding in extra variables, or degrees of freedom as physics people like to say (I think as I'm a physics person).

If I'm right then it turns out that I don't actually have to finish out the research but the time lag until someone does, if I'm right, would be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years which is kind of a W.A.G. but I think it's roughly correct.

Now more recently I came up with an algorithm which I think solves the Traveling Salesman Problem and in so doing proves that P=NP, as naturally, from thinking I have a break on the factoring problem, I'd go to TSP looking to apply the same type techniques against it!

And doing so I came up with two travelers where one is going backwards in time and you multiply the costs along legs times the distance between the two travelers to figure out the total cost of a path and pick the least cost path, using a global variable.

Now THAT algorithm is a couple of weeks old but I've given a complete algorithm, so that should speed things up, so I'd estimate that it'd take from one month to a year before it's picked up somewhere in the world if it is correct.

Which leaves me with nothing to do but wait.

Oh, so why not simply implement myself? Like solve the factoring problem? Or directly prove that the TSP algorithm works?

Well, they might be wrong! And I don't want the disappointment if so!

And, I gain little with success. Now I'm some "crackpot" mouthing off on Usenet. With success I'd have to be someone else. There'd be a tremendous weight of public opinion on me when I did things that people disapproved of, and the scariest thing is that whole role model thing.

I don't want to be a role model.

And I don't want to answer a lot of stupid questions, so there.

If I were truly irresponsible I'd simply keep the research to myself and let the world go hang.

But instead I'm at least putting it out there, though you people so sorely tempt me. If I could just put all of it back in the bottle so to speak, I'd be very tempted as trust me, it's a stupid world. I'm really scared of being dragged down to doom with the rest of you people, but hey, maybe that's just destiny.

So, in any event, I get to party, be irresponsible to an extent, and have silly conversations with funny people who take themselves too seriously and think they know more than they do, while not feeling like I'm cheating the world as the information is out there.

People just have to use it.

Or not!

IF I am wrong, then of course, no one will ever do anything with my ideas, so there.

It's a nice complete package which allows me to go back to silly conversation with funny people.
The short of it is that they blocked everything.

I first went for "pure math" and when I had proofs there I was blocked by a simple refusal of mathematicians to acknowledge the results, so I branched out.

I created Class Viewer. I focused more towards concrete results, like trying to popularize my prime counting function. I created a definition of mathematical proof.

I worked on factoring and finally came to TSP, and I've realized that I'm dealing with a situation where there is an absolute refusal to acknowledge my research.

And the only saving grace is knowing that as the line of humanity, its direction, moves against knowledge, things get worse.

But it's a class war and back in Old England if the nobility ever faced a situation where it was either end their class system or have their entire world suffer annihilation, I think they would have everyone die.

These people appear to be set on not letting anything through.

The US and Britain are economic powers so flows of money had to be re-routed around them, and competing currencies to the US dollar and pound were needed.

Because my analysis has always been that presented with a situation where the lies that they had turned from class structures to democracies and middle class ways were outed that the US would initiate World War III and try to annihilate the world versus allowing a truly free society.

So then, what would the solution be given that assessment?

How do you de-nuke nuclear powers?

Good question.

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