Saturday, August 16, 2008


Initial status report

Thought to myself that maybe it'd help to try and keep up with what's going on with status reports, so here's a try. May be the only one…but, don't know.

Still just kind of trying to get a hold on things as the op algorithm came to me so fast and I'm reading up more now on things like TSP as didn't realize the scale of efforts with it, though I knew it was a big deal to some extent. It's just different when you have your own idea in the ring to look at so much out there from others. Different perspective.

The algorithm I have now seems solid enough but besides there will be no changes while I'm letting things percolate anyway, so that doesn't necessarily mean there wouldn't be changes later. Have pdf's at project site, so maybe can draw interest from others, not likely though. Have newsgroup setup, just in case as well.

Started thinking a bit about design and code structure but find that can't stay focused on it now. Guess it's too soon.

Oh, did talk a bit about these ideas as I fleshed them out quickly in discussions on a computer science newsgroup, and not surprisingly some people came to dismiss the idea, really quickly. It's amazing to me how predictable that is, and how irrational. They couldn't even offer up real examples to dispute but talked as if they did. Remarkably how most people get taken in by that though, guess it's because it takes so much effort to think for yourself, and oh, that assumption that if someone were right the world would take notice.

Only in fantasy land. In the real world, this is what happens. One lonely discoverer gets a lot of time on his hands to ponder how weird the world really is, while all those other people go for comfort, not understanding that discovery is like wandering the wilderness.

It's a lonely job which is maybe why it seems only guys can do it, as maybe only guys can be like me now, so alone with a beautiful solution, knowing it has to be right, pressing on because you're driven from inside, and believe in absolutes.

There is a beauty in that though, like being on the top of a very high mountain, above all the fog and clouds, gazing out on beautiful landscapes never seen by all those people who can never get more than a few feet off the ground…and I'm no longer writing a status report!!!

Enough babbling…initial setup complete. Incubation process in progress… Nothing further.

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