Saturday, July 19, 2008


What I learned from Class Viewer

One of the reasons I bothered to create the open source project Class Viewer for Java was that I'd had years of arguing with math people on newsgroups which kind of happened by accident, as kind of as a lark I thought I'd ponder some math problems and talked about it. Yuck, what a mistake.

Math people ripped on me endlessly and told me to shut-up.

I got angry and refused and found I LIKED pondering math problems they had claimed as their exclusive property and screw them. Over the years I learned many of them are idiots and they lie a LOT. It is scary how much they lie about, and there's nothing you can do about it and most people will not believe it's true because they think these math people are geniuses.

So I did Class Viewer partly to convince myself that these people calling me insane, telling me I was "subhuman" and behaving very badly in many ways as they mounted a very successful smear campaign against me, were wrong.

To understand how successfully they smeared me, do a search on "James Harris" in Yahoo! where a hate page attacking my research comes up #6 last time I checked in Yahoo! and consider the millions of people with that name in the world, but somehow a hate page against me is so important?

So I wrote Class Viewer and sat back and waited and one day I pointed out on a math newsgroup that I had this open source project, and what did they do?

They ripped on it. They argued that it was worthless and not of value to anyone and pointed to the lack of activity on the SourceForge page as they maintained that I am just a crackpot loser.

Math people lie all the time.

If you agree then goddamn you if you ever use Class Viewer for Java and if you agree with them and have it now, delete it off your system.

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