Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Optimal path engine project, coders needed

Had this idea that should be simple to develop that goes after the Traveling Salesman Problem, where there is another thread where you can read details, but here I'm wondering if anyone would like to help code what I'm calling the optimal path engine.

I started a Google Code project: code.google.com/p/optimalpathengine

Trying to learn from my mistakes with my open source project Class Viewer for Java, I'm wanting to try and get as much outside help as possible which is the why for this post, versus it being a single developer project, though I'm sure I can code the entire algorithm myself.

It's to be all in Java as that is the language I use.

It'd be nice to have a project manager other than myself as it's tiring and I'm out of practice. It's been years since I actually worked as a developer where the highest I managed anyway was being a lead developer.

Here's my one try to be more community oriented as part of me would rather just be the absolute ruler of the project like I am with Class Viewer. But hey, maybe I should at least try to be more communal, so, I'm trying.

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