Friday, May 02, 2008


JSH: No simple answer then?

I posted as part of the initial brainstorming process about the oddity of high search rankings for topics related to my postings on my blogs versus low hit counts for those blogs as reported by Google Analytics and now Quantcast.

The issue here is not getting a lot of hits but an apparent contradiction, where, for instance, last time I checked in Google (just now): definition mathematical proof—brings up a page on my math blog at number five.

And in Google: define mathematical proof—brings up that page at number six.

I put those search strings that way to indicate that quotes are NOT to be used.

Google says there are 542,000 search results for that last search string, where my page comes up number six. But according to Google Analytics that page has received 33 hits in the past 30 days. And 3 hits today and 3 hits yesterday.

One early hypothesis I've come up with as I've begun brainstorming this problem is that there are two different data streams, as in there MUST be two different data streams to get such different results.

One data stream says you people lost as of course mathematicians have been ridiculing me and my research for years now with it clear that they wanted them dismissed. But the other data stream says you've won as research I've put out there for the public is not getting a lot of hit counts, as reported by two sources.

It gets weirder but I want go into how many different ways I look to measure influence on the world stage where I seem to have an impact (sometimes just to see, so your world may change just because I'm fiddling with something which is kind of humbling I guess) but then somehow, someway by other measure I have little to no impact at all!

One of my favorites was threatening lawsuits against Princeton and Harvard from angry parents who learn of fraud in math departments that was allowed by those universities so that endowments are nailed (I projected I think a 1/4 loss for both endowments) and coincidentally recently congressional investigations were started about, yup, HUGE, out-sized endowments at some universities, and as a good thing, some colleges decided to simply pay for their undergrads tuitions out of their endowments!!!

I LOVE coincidence and concurrent development, like when I came up with a business plan for YouTube and about two months later something similar (differences there were) was implemented.

If you consider the bottom-line of the impact of the reported hit results versus the search rankings there is only one major thing that is impacted: money.

Like there's a deliberate dampening, where it doesn't matter if I get high search rankings for things like defining mathematical proof, as long as I cannot make any money with my ideas.

Which gets us to DMESE where I gave away an idea for managed copy which would allow people to make copies, say, of high definition DVD's with an idea I GAVE AWAY, so why would I make money if it were implemented?

Think about it.

It, of course, has not been implemented and instead published reports indicate that the entertainment industry has given up on managed copy so YOU will not be able to legally copy your high definition DVD's, but that's a small price to mathematicians to pay for them to be able to keep teaching naive kids fake math.

You keep them in the business of lying to young adults about knowledge.

Money would give me more leverage and more credibility while high search results leave the status quo.

Like the US in Iraq, the truth is not nearly so important any more, when too many people are willing to lose, and lose big, so that a few people can keep lying to them, and giving them nothing for something.

The rich have gotten richer in this country and screwed over everyone else. But people LOVE it!!!

They love starving, and dying and trying for nothing only to have at the end the bitter realization that they were simply conned by other people less scrupulous, and less believing in any kind of morality, who got rich.

You believe in them so they can teach your children junk, and oh yeah, keep you from legally copying your DVD's so Bush can get away with, oh, anything, including massive failure, and you can fight to put food into the mouths of your children, and gas into your car's tank.

It's YOUR world.

You brought this on yourselves.

Hell on earth has been your own creation.

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