Saturday, April 12, 2008


JSH: Lying reality

The simple truth is that there are plenty of fakes in the academic world who hide in amongst those doing real research, and the fakes are nasty, slimy people who enjoy doing things like ripping on amateurs on newsgroups.

It gives them joy.

And it is a protective mechanism as well to help hide the charade.

Integer factorization is a sore spot because if someone steps in with a brilliant solution, then it will be difficult for the fakes to hold ground—though they will try.

So they viciously attack ANY potential new research into integer factorization that does not come from the fake zone. Anyone else notice that research in the area never seems to test the money flow? It never does.

As they don't really try to solve the factoring problem, as it's too big of a cash cow.

A reply to someone who guessed that James has not managed to factor any RSA numbers yet.

No. I haven't.

I've paused my research, temporarily, again, as I assess recent events like the worldwide financial crunch.

I can change history. I could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back.

For real I could face feeling responsible for the destruction of entire economies if I continue, so I've paused.

I've paused the research indefinitely.

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