Saturday, April 12, 2008


JSH: The circular argument

If you ask people how we know that mathematicians do not lie about mathematics, usually you get the answer that other mathematicians would tell you if they did!!! But what if MOST mathematicians lie about research?

Well then people can go to the great accomplishments of mathematics, right?

Well, those great accomplishments are in what is called applied mathematics, but most mathematicians today prefer "pure math" which is not testable in the real world, so it's just their word.

So then people go back to claiming that if mathematicians were wrong then other mathematicians would tell you!!!

How many of you accept that your success in the mathematical field if you are a mathematician in a "pure math" area completely depends on convincing other people to agree with you?

Yet if you're in applied mathematics every single person on the planet can disagree with you, and if you employ that mathematics in a real solution what can happen?

If it's correct, it will work and the world be damned.

But if you're wrong and every other mathematicians agrees with you, then I suggest to you, you are damned.

And you are still wrong.

I love this link so I'll post it again to give you the true reality of your democratic world that is all about how much you appease and please your fellow mathematicians when you read between the lines:

IF you do not kiss their butts they will break you. That reality is what defines modern math.

You are all trained to be butt-kissers.

When the solution is computerized checking of mathematical proofs, but oh? What? What's the lie?

Supposedly computers are too stupid compared to brilliant mathematicians who check each other!!!!!!!!!

The only goddamn area in the world left where people get away with claiming that computers are too stupid and primitive to check them!!!

So what's left?

Mathematicians are left to give prizes to mathematicians with their opinion on the correctness of mathematical arguments in the "pure math" areas that are declared to be proofs and real checking be damned.

You people can't handle the truth.

Which is why you refuse to actually push computerized checking.

You are losers.

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