Sunday, March 02, 2008


JSH: Thinking about "equals"

Now I finally figured out that modern math society is a society of fiction writers partly by thinking about "equals" as in the "=" sign as it is supposed to mean that what is on the left is equal to what is on the right.

So you can practically define any full mathematical statement as one where if you put in numbers and simplify you will end up with an identity:

e.g. x^2 + y^2 = z^2, try x=3, y =4, z = 5, and you get

9 + 16 = 25

25 = 25

and, yes, mathematical consistency is saved!!! As the equals actually means equal.

And you can define mathematical consistency that way.

If you end up with 3 = 4, then that is not a valid mathematical statement that you started with as, you can say, the books didn't balance.

Now then if it's that simple why would academics pretend that there is this massive issue with proving mathematical consistency?

Because then they have jobs. They can write papers. They can teach students and act like they're being very profound…

To see the truly bizarre though, go to logicians and claim that the equals should mean equal, as guess what?

You can define logical consistency in the same way.

If a logical statement is valid then it reduces to a truth mapping to itself.

The equals is equal.

And then you find that all supposed paradoxes or contradictions must be resolvable but then also you can kind of get rid of most of the "logicians" in the world as there's nothing else for them to do. Maybe they could move over to being mathematicians…

Academics work to stay in business as academics so the game theory for their jobs is not to be correct, but to convince others that they are correct.

It's trivial game theory.

Their best plan if no one is actually checking is not to actually be correct, but to have people convinced they are correct, if they cannot actually discover, and do not have someone around to spoil the game.

All that happened now is that I'm the next of a long, line of people who come in and figure things out, as I discover things.

So I talk about the game, but it doesn't necessarily end that game.

Many of you waste your time following invalid things because of the game theory that works for you as well, as you cannot convince yourselves that you are doing valuable work with the truth, but with the lies you can.

My analysis indicates that in previous human societies these people were priests. They pushed religion but religion diminished in power in human societies because with science people could ACTUALLY fly, versus hearing mythological tales of flying gods or demons.

And, of course, nuclear weapons are beyond the imaginings of just about any prior mythology, and any prior ideas about the wrath of God, so religion lost power, so these people moved to what had gained power.

So they write fictions with "pure math" which they pushed to escape the truth, but ran into the inevitable arrival of someone like me.

Those of you who deny the obvious truth, can continue if you wish pretending to be learning and pretending to be exerting energy in the pursuit of knowledge, but, you are liars like so many before you, and the end will be like it was for ALL those before you.

It's a logical tautology. The truth always wins, whether you believe it does or not, as truth is what actually happens. Not what you wish would happen, or pretend happened.

The equals IS equal.

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